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3 Tips Directly From Online Sellers Who Have Experienced Massive Failure in Past

A wise man learns from his mistake. The wiser one learns from others’.

Which one of these 2 groups do you belong to?

Yes, the second one; we thought so!

To help you learn from others’ mistake, here we bring 3 tips directly from online sellers who have experienced big failures in the past. Learn from them and boost sales of your online stores seamlessly.

“I was a complete novice when I was starting. I had this notion that selling online was easy. So once when I was in the game, I was expecting big things. But soon reality it. Sales were low. Attracting new customers was very difficult. And the worst part was I had already invested a lot in my products and warehouse. So I felt like trapped. The first entire year was very bad and I incurred a lot in the loss.”

Lesson #1- It’s not easy. It never was!

“I naively chose to sell on multiple platforms. And it was a big mistake. My Walmart store was going pretty great and I wanted to expand. So I thought I will use Walmart Integration with open marketplaces and webstores to have multiple storefronts. Sadly, it wasn’t that simple like I thought. Handling inventories and the listing was very difficult. I felt like a train wreck. There was so much to do and but I couldn’t do anything. Too much pressure. I still remember for few months, I couldn’t sleep properly. Contrary to the plans, even though I had many online selling points, sales dipped significantly. Eventually, I had to shut down many storefronts, getting back just on Walmart and Amazon.”

Lesson #2- Never sell on more number of platforms than you can handle. If you do, make sure you’re signed up to third-party e-commerce solution.

“I am far from being a technical person. So the first challenge for selling on various marketplaces was understanding the technical ends for better optimization of products, To that, I was also extremely confused about how to integrate my stores with each other. I spent days to understand how to sync Shopify Turns out I wasted a lot of time understanding and managing the technical stuff, which greatly impacted my sales. I wish I hired professionals back then”

Lesson #3- Avoid doing everything all by yourself. Hire professionals and experts when needed.

3 Quick Tips to Make Multi-channel Selling Incredibly Easy

You have various needs. To that, you want more revenue. These often lead sellers to sell on multiple channels. They leverage different marketplaces, webstores, and comparison search engines to tailor their selling strategy, target audience appropriately and make the best sales possible.

However, multi-channel selling isn’t easy. Not only is it time-consuming, but equally stressful and confusing.

To aid this, if you have multiple storefronts online, here are 3 simple tips from experts:

Cut off the extra channels

Do you really need to use all these platforms? Amazon, Google Shopping, Netsuite Rakuten Shopify and whatnot? Are they offering you the same returns? Are not some taking a lot of time and efforts but not offering the same return?
Yes, identify such channels and get rid of them for good. Use only those who offer you optimum ROI.

Signup to e-commerce solution

This is quite a no-brainer. Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution and handle all your marketplaces and webstores on a centralized platform, quickly, conveniently and efficiently. From Magento Walmart integration to Amazon Shopify, you can easily sync your channels and manage listings and inventories easily.

Hire professionals

Yes, why spend so much of your time doing less important tasks when you can have experts working for you at a meager fee? Hire these professionals and let them work for you while you focus on more relevant tasks like marketing and post-sales services. It will drastically tone down the stress of handling multiple selling points.
These are 3 simple tips for online vendors who sell on multiple channels. Sell smart, sell big!

Walmart Sellers- How to double your online sales?

Even though the company has eased the application process in recent times, becoming a Walmart seller isn’t easy. There are lots of terms, conditions, and criterion. However, this isn’t really the hard part. The real challenge starts when once accepted and selling on this huge online marketplace.

Finding the right customers and matching your revenue expectations is difficult. Contrary to what the success stories preach, buyers won’t pour in and sales won’t skyrocket. You must work hard for it and you must be strategic.

Here are 3 simple ways to double your revenue as a Walmart third party seller:

Optimize your listings

The internal search engine of Walmart can drive you big business. So it is important you optimize your products for selected keywords. Be careful of the titles and descriptions; use high-quality product images.

Sell on other platforms

If done well, Walmart can bring you riches. However, why take narrow chances when you can do much more? Instead of selling just on Walmart, you can sell on other platforms. After all, having multiple online storefronts is always better than having just one. So get on Amazon, eBay, and other relevant platforms. Also, have your own website store.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce solution

When selling on multiple platforms, it is best to sign up to third-party e-commerce solution to cut back on the manual and time-consuming work and to enjoy higher efficiency and convenience. You can easily integrate marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, right from Walmart and Amazon to Bigcommerce Google Shopping Feed.

These are 3 simplest ways to double your revenue from online selling. Go ahead, plan and execute. Today. Now.