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3 Google Shopping Facts That Should Make You Re-sketch Your Strategies

ChannelSale logo2The King of comparison shopping engines has been known for bestowing its blessings on infinite e commerce sellers and taking their business literally from rags to riches. With proper and compatible presence in this platform, sellers can always expect to increase their sale by 50% if not more within the first few months itself. Green with dollars as this opportunity may seem, it is also very necessary in the part of the latter to strategize well in order to soar over competition and be in the good books of Google Shopping.

Magneto Google ShoppingFor those sticking with regular strategies, it is necessary to reconsider the current plan of action at the earliest. The smallest of details can lead to profitable changes that are only to be cherished later. Here are 3 facts around which many sellers are re-sketching their Google Shopping strategies…

Description may not be as important as you think –  Unlike Amazon product feed, descriptions may not be as important in this top comparison shopping site. As many sellers have noticed, even after keeping the descriptions the same product after product, visits and conversions have not suffered at all. However, to be on the safer side, it is always advised to post decent description, but, it may not be worthwhile to lose sleep on the matter.

Include MPN (manufacturer part number) –  MPN usually refers to the specific barcode that is existent in all products. It is very necessary to include this code in your listing so that it becomes easier for Google Shopping to locate your products. Google has an index MPN which in a way adds to the cause of optimization.

Optimization is still the king –  Thirdly, it is necessary to at all times to have your product titles and images optimized to suit the specifics mentioned by the platform. Not doing so, can push your listing to oblivion.

Google Product Feed Management Best Approach

Google Shopping is one of the most competitive comparison shopping platforms of this decade. This platform has been responsible for building fortunes for many vendors irrespective of their sizes and level of establishment. Once setting foot in Google Shopping, sellers can be assured that there will be an instant increase in the flow of traffic to their stores and the conversion rate will also increase manifold. However, even though Google Shopping assures a very bright future to participating merchants, it is expected that the merchants adhere to the basic requirements established by this platform as far as set up and everyday operations is concerned.

A whole lot depends upon how merchants manage their Google product feed. Google Shopping is extremely particular about its product feed guidelines and expects merchants to follow the same without fail. Perfection in product feed management allows the merchants to remain in the top of the searches, gain an edge in conversions and drive maximum traffic towards the site. Considering the pace at which this platform functions, making a manual approach towards this end can cost the merchants their future. The simplest thing to do is to use feed management softwares / tools preferably from quality e commerce solution providers.

The feed management softwares are structured to export product feed from the merchant’s website to Google Shopping while being compliant of the requirements stated by the platform. This not only makes the process as easy as a matter of seconds but also ensures flawlessness and immunity from human errors that can otherwise be fatal. Product feed management systems also get a boost with proper integration of the concerned shopping carts with the platform. Say for example, if a certain merchant is powered by Magento, initiating and completing Magento Google Shopping integration is sure to add punch to flawless feed management.

Preventing Your Magento Powered Store From Slowing Down In Google Shopping

The importance of being seen in Google Shopping cannot be denied or discounted by any e commerce enthusiast. Being one of the most potent traffic drivers that can improve visibility and conversions may times over, it will only amount to making an unforgivable mistake for not seeking to establish presence in this platform. And when the concerned e commerce vendors are powered by potent cart solutions like Magento, things can get tad better.

In very simple words, Google per se trusts Magento and the Google Trusted store badge proves it well enough. With the reception of this badge functionality of Magento in Google Shopping enhances many times over. However, there is only one question that surrounds the entire affair… is this all it takes to excel in Google Shopping? The answer to this is ‘no’. On infinite occasions sellers have experienced drawbacks in their functioning even when they were powered by the best that Magneto had to offer.

Issues like slowing down or literally mismanaging inventory and order fulfillment can be happen as a consequence. Eventual slowing down of the entire venture in Google Shopping is also a very strong possibility. Prevention of the slow, steady and assured capsize is possible by ensuring adherence to a few tried and tested methods without compromising on the quality of the processes.

magento google shoppingIt is imperative to mention Magento Google Shopping integration in this respect and that too in the best possible way among the first critical requirements. When the two platforms are synced to perfection, the functioning as well as the additional uplifting features automatically gets a boost. This should be followed by ensuring proper SEO of the concerned store site. While paying special focus to the matter of integration, it has been seen that the process of optimization is getting pushed to the recesses.

The truth is, proper SEO along with proper integration results is harmonious functioning of the concerned Magneto powered venture perfectly in Google Shopping or any other platforms for that matter.

Seeking To Excel In Google Shopping? Here Is What You Should Do Since Day 1

You don’t need to be an e commerce genius to crack the codes of success in Google Shopping. The layout of the victory route is actually quite simple. All you need to do is follow it with diligence at least till the time you achieve your first set of goals in the direction of visibility, traffic and resultant profits.

If you own an e commerce store that is powered by potent shopping cart solutions like Magneto or 3D Cart, you can be assured of being on a more compatible footing with this giant comparison platform. However, you will still need to walk the extra mile in Google Shopping for the sake of beating ever soaring competition among millions of vendors who may also be powered by Magneto / 3D Cart.

You can start by 3D Cart or Magneto Google Shopping synchronization that is more than just necessary. The process of productive syncing will ensure improving your visibility in this platform while automating every core process involved in everyday operations. This can range from uploading or making changes in your product feed, managing your inventory trough every stage, receiving regular performance reports etc.

magento google shoppingFocus on your content at all times considering the fact that content is responsible for convincing buyers. For this, you need to introduce and describe your products with short, well chosen and convincing words. Be absolutely cautious when it comes to backing your words with the right images of the products that look appealing and convincing at the same time.

While choosing your shopping cart solutions, you will have to take the matter of mobile compatibility of your chosen store builder shopping cart solution into account. Today, a massive chunk of prospective buyers search for their requirements in Google Shopping or any other platforms for that matter through mobile platforms. If you are mobile integrated, be assured to have your potential traffic increase manifold.

If you have chosen Magneto or 3D Cart, things can get a lot easier. You can also use high quality plug-ins and software solutions for the purpose.